Hotel using traditional Japanese houses.

The Taraichi-tei, which is located in the north-west of Lake Biwa, is a traditional Japanese farmhouse. It accommodates just one group per day. The house which features thick beams and the metal-tube-covered old thatch roof is a must-see. You will enjoy the beauty of ancient Japanese architecture.

Take a walk around the hotel and you will see wonderful Japanese-style scenery such as rice fields.

We have a fantastic interior, such as "Irori,""Kamado(a cooking stove)," and "Goemonburo(a bath heated directly from beneath)." It will take you a time travel to the good old days.

Rice was traditionally made in Irori with a cooking stove called "Okudosan" and a bamboo blowpipe. This culinary experience will be a memorable event of your great journey.

Dinner is local cuisine using "Jibie" which represents the locals' lifestyle, "harmonious life with nature." Enjoy the local culture along with freshly-harvested vegetables and rice !

You can relax in a Japanese style living room with Tokonoma, wooden-framed Shoji, and authentic Tatami mats. You sleep on a futon laid on a tatami mat.

You will have a chance to see the thatched roof from the inside. It will be an extraordinary experience.

You can experience the "Nagashi-somen". "Somen" is a Japanese very thin noodle made of wheat flour.

Japanese traditional summer experience, we pour water and noodles on cut bamboo and catch and eat noodles with chopsticks.

You can drink sake using Japanese traditional cup called "Ochoko and tokkuri."