Taraichi-tei × Nunobikiyaki Collaboration goods.

What is Nunobikiyaki ?

It is one of the traditional Japanese pottery.

It is a colorful one using a glaze which called Nanasai Tenmoku developed independently.

There is a studio in Higashi-omi city, which located on the east side of Shiga pref.

Kazuhiro Kojima Nunobikiyaki potter.

Introduction of special collaboration.

** Service available to guests only.**

You can buy original mug which your name carved in kanji.(Up to 4 kanji.)

We will convert your name into kanji.

Details will be decided after exchanging opinions by e-mail.

The mug of the image is an example.

Name:Michael →Kanji:「舞蹴」

「舞」 means→dancing

「蹴」 means→step

We will tell you the meaning of each kanji.

Please pay for the product by card or cash when you stay in Taraichi-tei.

Price ¥3,700(tax included) + shipping fee.

Products will be delivered to your home after completion.

Please consider your purchase as a memorial to stay at the Taraichi-tei.