Traditional Japanese style house, Taraichi-tei

This is a traditional Japanese-style house. It has quaint atmosphere.

The Taraichi-tei, which is located in the north-west of Lake Biwa, is a traditional Japanese farmhouse. It accommodates just one group per day. The house which features thick beams and the metal-tube-covered old thatch roof is a must-see. You will enjoy the beauty of ancient Japanese architecture.

Tatami mat room.

Japanese traditional bath, Goemonburo.

Winter is a place where a lot of snow is piled up.

There are two ski resorts near the inn. )about 10 min by car. )about 25 min by car.

There are two hot springs(Onsen) near the inn.

About 10 min each by car.

Chinai river near inn.

If you stay our quaint house, you can feel and enjoy deep Japan.

The Japanese traditional room.

Japanese traditional cooking stove.