Wellness, meet local people, eat local food !

The Taraichi-tei, which is located in the north-west of Lake Biwa, is a traditional Japanese farmhouse. It accommodates just one group per day. The house which features thick beams and the metal-tube-covered old thatch roof is a must-see. You will enjoy the beauty of ancient Japanese architecture.


You can experience agriculture in Taraichi farm. Touching the soil will heal your body and mind.

The pure water are spilling out around the inn.


You can relax deeply in a traditional Japanese room with tatami mats.

Lay a futon on the tatami and sleep.

Irori living room.


Local food

Japanese traditional cooking stove called Kamado. We make rice using this.

The dinner is boar meat pot with fresh local vegetables wherever possible.

Local experience

This is Omochi-tsuki. It is a traditional event for celebrations.

The white lump is a mochi, called rice cake in English.

It's a Japanese traditional food.

You can experience this activity with optional fee.

We are looking forward to seeing you in Taraichi-tei !